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Updated 01 May, 2018

It has been a long hiatus since I’ve posted recipes! I have been testing out and creating many new recipes, but in 2017 another creative venture took up most of my time. I was attempting “Project 365,” which is a personal growth adventure that many creatives take on, committing ourselves to create something daily, be it a drawing, doodle, sketch, painting, sculpture, photography, etc. My goal was just to tap into my creative intuition and live in the moment with my creativity. I was doing very well, but quickly realized it was not going to happen (life happens, ha!). I still had a blast and learned that I was more than capable of some of the challenges I presented myself! It’s a very fun project full of personal discoveries, potential, and growth. If you don’t already know about my Instagram account (@luluesque.art), hop on and check out some of the illustrations and projects I did.

THIS YEAR, “Project 365” is still happening, but has taken on a slightly different light. Instead of just focusing on the visual arts, I plan on dividing my time somewhat evenly among all my hobbies (*sigh* I have SO many) like cooking and baking, gardening, illustrating, painting, commission work, etc. You’ll see various posts throughout the year. It should be a fun adventure! Thanks everyone for following! 🙂

About luluesque.com

I originally started blogging about different recipes that I tried purely for myself, as a personal digital cookbook, complete with little notes of amendments/modifications and photos of the food. None of my friends and family knew about it. They would ask why I always insisted on taking photos of the food I made. Eventually word caught on about my hobby, so I would occasionally share my random posts with friends and family. Today, now when I share a new dish, it’s immediately followed by a “Is this on your blog ? Let me know when it’s ready; I want to try it out!” 🙂

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