Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little cyber/digital corner of the world.

I originally started this blog purely for myself, as a “digital cookbook,” complete with little personal notes of amendments/modifications and photos of the food. I would pull up a recipe on my phone, from my blog, anytime I needed to make something that I have tried and remember liking. None of my friends and family knew about it. They would ask why I always insisted on taking photos of the food I made. Eventually word caught on about my hobby, so I would occasionally share my random posts with friends and family. Five years later, now when I share a new dish, it’s immediately followed by a “Did you put this on your blog yet? Let me know when it’s ready; I want to try it out!” 🙂

I enjoy trying out different recipes or attempting to brave the culinary arts on my own terms. I also like writing, photography, drawing, gardening, traveling, and learning about all of the above—this was the best way I could marry all of my interests and share!


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Instagram: @lindylulu_designs

Enjoy and live your life!